Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bond Hearing Criminal Case

In Illinois, every person who is arrested for a felony has the right to have a bond hearing before a Judge in Bond Court.  (725 ILCS 5/110-1-18).  For misdemeanor cases, bond is usually posted at the police station and a bond hearing in court doesn’t take place.
At a Bond Hearing, the Court decides how much money you will have to post in order to be released from jail while your case is pending.  This is a very important phase of the criminal process because your attorney will have the first opportunity to tell the Court positive things about you, your family, and your work history so that you can have the best chance of having a low bond or “no cash” bond.  A “no cash” bond is referred to as an “I” bond that doesn’t require the posting of any cash with the Clerk of the Court.  This is commonly known as a "signature bond."
If the judge sets a “high bond” or a “no bond,” you may be forced to spend months in county jail until the case finishes. The Judge may also refuse to set a bond if he believes that you pose a danger to society or are a flight risk.

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